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Sébastien Dupuis plays Chopin and Liszt in a very personal and characteristic way, though, especially in the Liszt, he reminds me of György Cziffra’s playing. The recorded sound by Dux is outstanding and so we definitely have here an interesting first of three planned volumes and we eagerly expect the next one. 
Pizzicato, Remy Franck about Liszt Trilogy 1, 2017
"Tout au long de ce premier CD, Sébastien Dupuis joue en vrai musicien, sensible et attachant. La sonorité est toujours juste, adaptée à chaque compositeur. Délicate et vive dans Mozart, chantée et profonde dans sa belle 1ère Ballade de Chopin, plus orchestrale et brillante dans Liszt." 
Philippe Cassard, 2014
"The subtle play of the pianist, full with delicacy but also with power and sensibility, deeply conquered his audience" 
La Depeche, 2011
"Dupuis perfectly understands this music of a poet that makes the tenderness resound as much as the violence; a remarkable piano technique, generous impulses, delicates or sometimes wild, serving a brilliantly excessive work, going from melancholy to exuberance leafing through the genius of Liszt. Dupuis knows Liszt like a brother and gives him life again with a sincere touch, devoted to the composer.” 
Pierre Solot, 2007
Concert repertoire:
Solo recitals: 
Liszt, 12 Etudes d'exécution transcendante

Liszt Annöe de pülerinage: Suisse
Liszt recital, sonata, rhapsody's, lugubre gondola, Oberman
Bach: 6 préludes et fugues, Concerto Italien, Busoni Chaconne
Chopin: 4 scherzi, ballade 1, polonaise 6, etudes, mazurkas, valses
Debussy préludes, Brahms ballades, Albert Dupuis suite
Beethoven sonatas nos 3, 8, 21
Mozart sonatas K 330, 332, 333
Concertos: Liszt 1 and 2, Mozart 20 and 25, Tchaikovsky 1
Other projects:
Playing all Beethoven and Brahms violin and cello sonatas in 2016-17
Opening in May 2014 a private piano school and concert serie in Zürich: 
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